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Project Summary
A leading Reward Property Group came to TwentyEA with a brief to better understand home owners with a high propensity to instruct their properties.

Launching in South West London, but built as a national product, TwentyEA worked with this business to supply which individuals in a number of detailed catchment areas were most likely to instruct their property for sale.

The response rate to the first two waves of targeting was extremely compelling, with the first wave of communications obtaining an 8.2% sign up and the second wave exceeding this with a 10% sign up.

This client has since rolled out our Off Market Targeting product for the whole of London and have currently just raised funds to extend the business across the rest of the UK. Their business relies on TwentyEA’s ability to target relevant individuals who will newly instruct a sale within the next twelve months.

If you would like to find out how we can work with your business, please contact enquiries@www.twentyea.co.uk.