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On Market Targeting: Leading Estate Agency Group

Project Summary
A leading Estate Agency Group came to TwentyEA with a brief to better target individuals that already have their houses listed with another agent at the right trigger point.

TwentyEA worked with this business to initially supply a weekly set of 28 feeds containing information on properties that hit certain triggers. For example, New Instruction properties that are 6 weeks old and still remain on the market. We supplied the contact information for these properties, enabling the Agent to distribute leads at a local, branch level, with the opportunity to contact the potential customer.

Later in this project, we increased the frequency of the leads to daily feeds (a model especially appropriate for the faster moving rental sector) to allow our data triggers to be acted on by the Agent as quickly as possible.

At a local level, this clients’ share of New Instructions that were previously on the market with other Agents continues to increase year on year, as a direct result of the contact programme in place using TwentyEA data supply.

This client continues to renew their contract every year. TwentyEA are in continual discussions as to the level of data we can provide to ensure that we continuously improve their ability to react to changing market dynamics.

If you would like to find out how we can work with your business, please contact enquiries@www.twentyea.co.uk.