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TwentyEA Prospect – an automated prospecting tool

Enabling agents to contact homeowners and tenants in their patch that meet their prospecting criteria. With a wide range of datasets, audiences and filters at the Agents disposal, our users always stay ahead of the curve in gaining new instructions.


Users of TwentyEA Prospect gain access to our On Market and Off Market datasets. Each of these datasets are segmented to create what we call Audiences and are refreshed every day. Each Audience contains homeowners and tenants that meet a very specific criteria that matches those who are most likely to instruct or take out a new tenancy.

On Market Audiences are factual; they are based upon events that have just taken place. Want to target properties listed with a competitor 8 weeks ago and still for sale? That’s an Audience. Want to target properties where a competitor reduced the price in the last 7 days? That’s an Audience. How about properties that have been withdrawn from the market? That’s another Audience readily available in TwentyEA Prospect . We have Audiences available for both Sale and Rental properties in your area now.

Off Market Audiences are created by our proprietary propensity model. This model was created in-house by our team of data scientists to predict the households most likely to move in your area. Reach this exclusive pool of households likely to instruct soon, before your competitors gain sight of them. The performance of the model is completely transparent; you track successful conversions within the platform and you only pay for it when you win a new instruction.

All of our Audiences can be refined further by creating your very own Custom Audience that meets your specific criteria. Attributes such as property price, estimated value, number of bedrooms, location and property type can be used to target the exact property you want in stock now.


TwentyEA Prospect is all about hitting the right properties at the right time with the right message. This is facilitated by our own direct mail campaign engine which allows users to automate campaigns as well as execute them ad-hoc. Users can run on full autopilot and leave things “always on”, or alternatively, execute ad-hoc campaigns as and when they require… or even better, a combination of both!

Our integrated fulfilment service will take care of the print and send on your behalf, in real time. We can also assist with creating letters, postcards or leaflets via our own in-house designer for free…, or alternatively you can upload your own designs into the platform. Either way you can be sure that your brand’s first impression on the vendor or tenant is timely and professional.


At its core, TwentyEA Prospect generates new instructions for its users. The platform automatically recognises new instructions gained directly from campaigns that have been executed. This information is completely transparent and is displayed to the owner of each campaign in real time, allowing users to administer campaigns and track the results all in one place.