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Benchmark Your Performance


Do you need to better understand your marketplace?

Understand your place in the entire market, not just a snapshot. Track your performance against your competitors and identify market trends. ​

Giving access to five years of market data, our Insight tool is the original, most comprehensive and most accurate source of market intelligence reporting available to agents.

As the only platform to track true whole of market activity, with over 99.6% of all residential listings reported on in real-time, Insight helps agents to monitor key performance metrics, make informed strategic decisions and demonstrate to potential vendors and landlords that they are experts in the local marketplace.


What does that mean for you? 

   Access to detailed information on your own performance compared to that of your competitors

   Accurate reporting on all activity​, not just an estimate based on partial data

   Easily benchmark critical performance metrics and identify areas of improvement at both brand and branch level​

   Establish yourself as a local expert - ensure you know your market and share that knowledge with your potential clients


Our data is a superpower for our clients. We've learnt a lot in the 16 years we've been tracking the property market, and that experience means our clients know they can reliably underpin their business strategies with the detailed analysis provided in Insight.

Christopher Watkin

"An absolutely great piece of kit, and if you are a great estate agent this tool helps you to justify your high fees."

Simon Whale

"In terms of relevant actionable data, TwentyEA are invaluable. If I was an agent, it would be inconceivable to me to not be using."

Start measuring your performance


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