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Increase Conversions


Do you want to convert more appraisals?


One of the top 10 estate agents in the UK found that if they increased their conversion to instruction rate by just 1%, this would make them approximately £3m extra in revenue. 

How much would that extra 1% move the needle for you? 

What if it was 5%, or 10%? 

Use our Search and Spotlight tools to research and access information on every property in the UK and produce bespoke white-labelled reports to showcase how you differ from your competitors and why you are the agent a vendor or landlord should choose to instruct. Prepare for every appraisal by arming yourself with independent data to prove that you’re the best.

What does that mean for you? 


   Showcase your strengths with Spotlight

Create bespoke reports in your own branding to demonstrate you are the best agent to sell or let a property. Spotlight uses our independent data to report on the percentage of the asking price you achieve, how quickly you sell or let properties compared to your competitors, your market share and conversion ratios.

Prove to vendors and landlords that you are the agent of choice.


   Get the keys to the DNA of every UK property

Our Search tool gives you access to data on over 32 million UK residential properties, including variables such as historical listings, the estimated value calculated on our highly accurate AI-driven AVM, related risks and neighbouring properties.

Impress potential vendors and landlords with your knowledge and position yourself as a local expert.​

Start increasing conversions


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