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Increase Market Appraisals


Do you need more leads? 


Why not use tools built on over 15 years of residential market experience, helping you to generate leads from both on and off-market properties?

We have the UK’s largest and most accurate property data universe tracking 99.6% of all residential listings and have developed the only AI dataset built on over six years of machine learning, to accurately predict properties likely to come to the market in the next two months.

What does that mean for you? 


   Cheaper and more efficient marketing

Our Prospect lead generation tool is fully automated and gives you more addresses for your marketing campaigns with an average 89% full address match rate. This means that for every 100 properties currently on the market, we can put you in contact with 89 of them.

We obsess about the details, so you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment or potential brand damage that incorrect data can cause.

Whether you currently carry out your own touting activity or invest in other tools or external agencies to run your direct mail campaigns, you can save time and money with Prospect.​

   More valuation leads from properties likely to instruct in the next  2 months

Over 80% of all new instructions come from properties not currently on the market, which means an effective off-market strategy should be central to all agents’ marketing activity. 

TwentyEA’s Forecast model removes the need for outdated blanket mailing campaigns.


In June and July 2023, Forecast Top 10% successfully predicted 57% of all new instructions, meaning that agents now only need to target 10% of the properties in their patch to reach over 50% of those that will instruct in the next two months.

Start generating leads


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