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The crystal ball predicting your next instruction

Our award-winning AI technology, predicts your next instruction


Built on over 16 years' experience of tracking the entire UK property market, our unique AI model uses clever data algorithms combined with machine learning to identify properties likely to come onto the market in the next two months.

With Forecast, estate agents only need to communicate with 10% of the properties in their patch, to reach over 50% of the vendors who will instruct.

It regularly generates over 60% of all valuations for one of our largest clients.


Generate marketing campaigns for your ideal potential vendors in less than 5 minutes


Optimise your marketing spend -  five times more effective than random targeting


Give your vendors extra value by helping them find their perfect home from off-market properties

Built-in AI Targeting

The clever AI underpinning Forecast, assesses key data points to pinpoint vendors most likely to move in the next two months. These include;

  • Family composition
  • Length of residency
  • Property type and size
  • Financial situation
  • Market conditions
  • Location characteristics


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Off-Market Mobile Advertising

Create always-on mobile campaigns that will target households that are likely to come to the market in the next 2 months.

Winner of the EA Masters Best EA Innovation 2022 Award

Forecast won the Best Estate Agent Innovation Award at the 2022 EA Masters for our unique 'likely to instruct' prospecting tool.

Presented by the award sponsors Kerfuffle, TwentyEA competed against 40 of the best suppliers in the UK for this prestigious accolade.


Our Packages That Include Forecast

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