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Reveal hidden leads within your CRM


Match is a powerful tool that provides real-time updates on any on or off-market activity for properties within your CRM. This enables you to prioritise contact with your existing database based on their current position in the moving journey.

On-Market Data

As well as flagging all properties in your database which are currently on the market, Match will give you daily updates on the status of these listings so that you know as soon as a relevant trigger has occurred such as a price reduction, a sale falling through or the property being withdrawn from the market.

Off-Market Data

Using our award-winning Forecast AI model, which predicts properties that are likely to come to the market in the next two months, Match will flag any properties within your database that are likely to instruct very shortly.


Match is an invaluable tool to help you maximise the data already held within your CRM, unearthing hidden leads for your team to progress.

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